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SAGE Knowledge (SK) is the ultimate social sciences digital library for students, researchers, and faculty. With more than 2,700 titles, it includes an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content, including scholarly monographs, reference works, handbooks, professional development titles, and more.

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is an award-winning tool designed to help researchers, faculty, and students create research projects and understand the methods behind them. This invaluable tool links together more than 1,400 research methods terms from an unprecedented variety of content—including books, journals, and reference resources.

CQ Press CQ Researcher an essential tool for researchers seeking original, comprehensive reporting and analysis on issues in the news. It is noted for its in-depth, unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the economy.

CQ Press Congress Collection is an award-winning reference collection and a powerful research and reference tool for analyzing the history and development, legislation, powers, and personalities of the U.S. Congress.

CQ Press State Stats features data from more than 80 different government and non-government sources and backed by a rich collection of more than 2,000 current and historical data series on popular topics of research interest.

CQ Press Supreme Court Collection blends historical analysis with timely updates and expert commentary of Supreme Court decisions, biographies of Supreme Court justices, Supreme Court institutional history, and the U.S. Constitution.

CQ Press Voting and Elections Collection integrates a wealth of data, authoritative analyses, concise explanations, and historical material to provide a powerful research and reference tool on the American voter, major and minor political parties, campaigns and elections, and historical and modern races for Congress, the presidency, and governorships.

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