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Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry

Submit your research to the Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry (JHC)

Benefits of Publishing in JHC

When you publish in the journal, you will benefit from:

  • Rigorous peer review
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  • High online visibility on the award-winning platform, SAGE Journals Online
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About the Journal

The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, an international cell biology journal of long standing, is a leader in the field of current imaging techniques and publishes primary research articles, timely reviews, editorials and perspectives on the structure and function of cells, tissues and organs. It is intended as a central source for research into mechanisms of development, differentiation, and disease. High priority is given to submissions where imaging techniques are complemented by new genetic, molecular and biochemical approaches.

The disciplines involved in cell biology research continue to evolve rapidly with fast changing developments in imaging advancing new research. The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry fully supports publishing these developments in primary research papers. JHC welcomes concise review articles, especially those that address key issues in methodology and summarize modern techniques. The journal continues to publish new developments in microscopy and imaging. Purely descriptive studies of gene or molecular expression are also considered, particularly where supported by experimental data to generate mechanistic insights into cell or tissue function.

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Featured Articles*

Genome-wide Gene Expression Profiling of Formalin-fixed Paraffin-Embedded Breast Cancer Core Biopsies Using Microarrays by Jan Budczies, Wilko Weichert, Aurelia Noske, Berit Maria Müller, Claudia Weller, Timo Wittenberger, Hans-Peter Hofmann, Manfred Dietel, Carsten Denkert, and Volker Gekeler

Retained Cell–Cell Adhesion in Serrated Neoplastic Pathway as Opposed to Conventional Colorectal Adenomas by Xiangsheng Fu, Xiatong Yang, Kequan Chen, and Yali Zhang

Proinflammatory Signals and the Loss of Lymphatic Vessel Hyaluronan Receptor-1 (LYVE-1) in the Early Pathogenesis of Laminin Alpha2-deficient Skeletal Muscle by Katherine E. Wardrop and Janice A. Dominov

Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells Are Committed to Myogenesis and Do Not Spontaneously Adopt Nonmyogenic Fates by Jessica D. Starkey, Masakazu Yamamoto, Shoko Yamamoto, and David J. Goldhamer

Enhanced Expression of CD13 in Vessels of Inflammatory and Neoplastic Tissues by Paola Di Matteo, Gian Luigi Arrigoni, Luca Alberici, Angelo Corti, Corrado Gallo-Stampino, Catia Traversari, Claudio Doglioni, and Gian-Paolo Rizzardi

*You may already have access to these articles through a library or other subscription.

An International Editorial Board

The Editor-in-Chief, John R. Couchman, University of Copenhagen, is a cell biologist with many years of experience in research and publications. Supporting Dr. Couchman is an Editorial Board reflecting the international reach of the JHC and one chosen for their wide ranging expertise across the spectrum of cell biology, biomedicine, pathology and imaging techniques.

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I invite you to submit papers in these areas.

  • Antigen Retrieval
  • Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Neuroscience
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Development and Differentiation
  • Epigenetics
  • Extracellular Matrix
  • Gene and Protein Expression
  • Image Analysis and Methodology
  • Immunocytochemistry and Immunohistochemistry
  • In Situ Hybridization
  • Light and Electron Microscopy
  • Normal and Tumor Cell Behavior
  • Signal Transduction
  • Stem Cell
  • Tissue Fixation

Short reviews on all aspects of the field are also welcome, especially those that summarize modern techniques.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

John R. Couchman, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry

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Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry

Editor: John R. Couchman, Ph.D.
University of Copenhagen
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