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Next Generation of SAGE Journals Online –now complete

The upgrade of the SAGE Journals Online platform is now complete.  All 560+ SAGE journals have been migrated onto the next generation platform, supported by HighWire Press’ “2.0” technology (H2O). New features and functionality include:

  • AbstractExpanded discipline search and browse across 50+ disciplines
  • Abstract preview – Mouse-over entries available from tables of contents and search results provide pop-up previews of abstracts, without leaving the page.
  • Popular articles list – Most-viewed and most-cited articles lists are readily available from all pages within a journal site.
  • Redesigned main portal page provides targeted options for improved navigation by all types of users.
  • Tag-along navigation – Content features follow alongside as users scroll down the article page.
  • Pop-up references – For full-text journals, full citations pop up when you hover over reference numbers within the text of an article.
  • Keyword pivot searches – For all journals, keywords are now hyperlinked and perform quick searches of that term within all content in that journal.
  • Feature hideaway – Author affiliations, related links, and other functions can be expanded or hidden from view; these preferences are retained throughout a session.
  • Agile, robust content architecture, hosted in industry-standard, NLM metadata format.

To ensure that the migration caused minimal disruption to access, this upgrade was scheduled to coincide with academic summer recess. Access control for institutions and individuals were not affected by the migration. Administrative features and access to usage reports will also remain the same.

A major goal of our platform upgrade is to improve the user experience and keep readers in context as they conduct research. The new interface is based upon a flexible three-column design that makes features available without taking attention away from the substantive article content. Features most closely associated with the manuscript pages are placed closest to it. Experience for yourself the next generation of SAGE Journals Online at online.sagepub.com.

Please see the below documents and training materials for more information:

For technical questions about the SAGE Journals Online platform, please contact onlinesupportUS@sagepub.com in the Americas or onlinesupport@sagepub.co.uk in the EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and India.