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The best supplementary texts for Intro Sociology are always from Pine Forge!


Exploring Social Issues
Exploring Social Issues
Using SPSS for Windows, Third Edition


Second Thoughts
Second Thoughts
Seeing Conventional Wisdom Through the Sociological Eye,
Fourth Edition


Sociological Snapshots
Sociological Snapshots
Seeing Social Structure and Change in Everyday Life, Fifth Edition


Sociology Through Active Learning
Sociology Through Active Learning
Student Exercises,
Second Edition


Contemporary Readings in Sociology
Contemporary Readings in Sociology


The Engaged Sociologist
The Engaged Sociologist
Connecting the Classroom to the Community,
Third Edition




Joseph F. Healey, Christopher Newport University
John Boli, Emory University
Earl Babbie, Chapman University
Fred Halley, State University of New York, Brockport


Janet M. Ruane, Montclair State University
Karen A. Cerulo, Rutgers University


Jack Levin, Northeastern University


Kathleen McKinney, Illinois State University
Barbara S. Heyl, Illinois State University


Kathleen Odell Korgen,
William Paterson University


Kathleen Odell Korgen, William Paterson University
Jonathan M. White, Bridgewater College


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Table of Contents

Table of contents


Table of contents


Table of contents


Table of contents


Table of contents


Table of contents



A hands-on introduction to the craft of social research.

Puts students in the role of active researchers, as they test their ideas about key social issues such as divorce, abortion, crime, inequality, prejudice, and television violence – using SPSS.

Uses real data from the 2006 General Social Survey.

Keeps data analysis at an elementary level.

Is available in a bundle with SPSS Student Version (Version 17).

Chapters parallel topics in most into soc texts.


24 mini-chapters use social research to examine popular conceptions on everyday issues.

Introduces sociology’s core concepts by debunking conventional wisdoms.

Encourages students to think more analytically.

Packed with contemporary examples.

Jay Howard, IUPUC (winner of the 2008 ASA Teaching Award) demonstrated that using Second Thoughts rather than a standard survey text for Intro Soc dramatically increased the % of students reporting completed reading assignments! (His research is reported in Teaching Sociology Vol 32:4).


Introduces students to the world of sociological analysis.

Combines abstract sociological concepts with interesting and grounded essays (“snapshots”) on everyday life experiences

Serves as an effective springboard from the student’s familiar and concrete world to the more abstract realm of sociological theory.

Contemporary and interesting topics: hate crimes; job stress; college fraternities; body image, and many more.

Help students develop a sociological eye.

Includes writing, observation, and data-collecting exercises at the end of each section.


A student workbook designed to integrate multiple learning exercises into Intro Sociology courses.

Exercises have been carefully selected from a nationwide search of the best class-tested active learning materials available in sociology.

Contains a variety of exercises in terms of content, time required, individual versus group assignments, in-class exercises etc.

Perforated tear-out worksheets for ease of submission and grading.


Presents 30 of the most contemporary, engaging, and esteemed journal articles in the field, in a well-edited format accessible for undergraduate students

By giving students access to important topics in sociology through the words of the original authors, the book provides an opportunity for students to explore key issues in depth.

Includes unique pedagogy that helps instructors use these articles in their Intro Soc classroom: a Topics Guide; section openers, article abstracts, and discussion questions.


Brings the “public sociology” movement into the classroom.

Shows students how to use the tools of sociology to become effective participants in our democratic society.

Chapters relate key topics covered in Intro Sociology and Social Problems courses to civic engagement exercises.

Brings subjects alive for students and connects the classroom with the community, locally and globally.

“Sociologist in Action” sections highlight a sociologist or sociology students working on an issue presented in the chapter.


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