What is a SAGE Text/Reader?

is simply a text that incorporates carefully selected accompanying readings. It is a hybrid, offering the best of both worlds. It includes a collection of articles on the overarching topic that have previously appeared in a number of leading journals along with original text material in a minichapter format that serves to present the major concepts for each topical area. The text helps the students understand the readings that follow. The carefully selected and edited readings will often have a policy perspective to make them more applied, less theoretical, and more interesting to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Each Text / Reader contains various research articles throughout the text. In order to familiarize students with the best way to read a research article, a section called "How to read a research article?" is included at the beginning of the each Text / Reader. This section includes a summary of the key elements of any research article, followed by the questions for students to ask themselves while reading through the articles.

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Criminology & Criminal Justice Text/Reader Series

SAGE is proud to announce our Text/Reader titles in Criminology & Criminal Justice. This Series is overseen by Craig Hemmens of Boise State University. Craig has recruited some of the top people in each field to provide a refreshing alternative to the standard textbook.

Each Text/Reader includes the following key components:
• A “How to Read a Research Article" tied to the first chapter in the book
• An introductory “mini-chapter” for each section which covers key concepts
• Introduction to each of the readings, providing an overview
• Well edited original research articles with a policy based orientation
• Photographs, boxes, and suggested Web resources
• Summary of key terms, concepts and discussion questions
Accompanied with High-Quality Ancillaries!

A Companion Web site with each Text/Reader includes a variety of resources: self-quizzes, e-flashcards, additional readings, instructor resources, test questions for both the text and readings, PowerPoint slides, teaching tips, and other resources.


CoverVictimology: A Text/Reader
Leah E. Daigle, Georgia State University
Paperback: $69.95, ISBN: 978-1-4129-8732-5
December 2011

CoverWhite-Collar Crime: A Text/Reader
Brian K. Payne, Georgia State University
Paperback: $69.95, ISBN: 978-1-4129-8749-3
November 2011

CoverWomen and Crime: A Text/Reader, Second Edition
Stacy L. Mallicoat, California State University, Fullerton
Paperback: $89.00, ISBN: 978-1-4833-5665-5
September 2014

CoverCourts: A Text/Reader
Cassia Spohn, Arizona State University
Craig Hemmens, Missouri State University
Paperback: $84.95, ISBN: 978-1-4129-9718-8
November 2011

CoverRace and Crime: A Text/Reader
Helen Taylor Greene, Texas Southern University
Shaun L. Gabbidon, Penn State Harrisburg
Paperback: $73.00, ISBN: 978-1-4129-8907-7
April 2011

CoverCommunity-Based Corrections: A Text/Reader
Shannon M. Barton-Bellessa, Indiana State University
Robert D. Hanser, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Paperback: $73.00, ISBN: 978-1-4129-8746-2
January 2011

CoverCorrections: A Text/Reader
Mary Stohr, Missouri State University
Anthony Walsh, Boise State University
Craig Hemmens, Missouri State University
Paperback: $82.00, ISBN: 978-1-4129-9717-1
March 2012

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